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Mosquitoes: A REAL Problem

The flowers are blooming, the grasses are turning green and the birds are singing a beautiful chorus throughout the lengthening days. Springtime is a wonderful season. But with the warmer temperatures comes a threat that should not be ignored. Mosquitoes are here. Mosquitoes – The Problem That Cannot Be Ignored Why should you not ignore […]

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Female Homeowner Watching As Pest Control Technician Applies Pesticide Along the Kitchen Floor
Pest Control: Do It Yourself vs. Professional

Let’s face it – sometimes it’s better to put on your gloves and handle business yourself! Find the rake, and wrestle the leaves. Grab your knee pads, and get to ripping the weeds from the flower garden. Put the suds in the bucket, and drag the water hose out front to give your car a […]

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Beautiful Home with a Lush Green Yard & Colorful Floral Landscaping including Flowers, Ferns & Bushes
3 Pest Control Myths

Here is a shocking revelation. Not everything you hear is true! And that doesn’t matter if the source was the internet or your great-great-grandmother! Let’s go through a few myths we typically encounter with pest control. I Don’t Really Need Pest Control Because I Don’t Have Any Trees Around My House While not having overhanging […]

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Two Story Wood Log Cabin with a Large Porch
How to Prevent Termites in Your Metro Atlanta Home

Termites destructively work around the clock causing a staggering $5 billion in damages to homes each year. By the time you know they’re feasting on your home, it’s often too late. Simply put, termites are a serious threat to homeowners. However, you can use the following steps to prevent termites and stop them dead in […]

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Brown Mouse Walking on Top of Fresh Bread in Kitchen
How to Stop Mice from Entering Your Home in Acworth & Metro Atlanta

While they can be a cute class pet, seeing a mouse anywhere outside of an elementary classroom can be alarming. In addition to being terrifying, mice and rodent infestations can be surprisingly harmful to human health and cause dangerous damage to homes. These rodents gnaw at electrical wiring, leave smelly droppings inside of walls, and […]

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Ants in Home on Food
How to Get Rid of Ants Permanently in Your Metro Atlanta Home

From Dallas to metro Atlanta and Roswell to Woodstock, ants can invade your home at a moment’s notice. These tiny pests pack a stinging, burning bite in regions where fire ants are present, making it more important to identify and treat potential infestations at quickly as possible. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take […]

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Ants in Kitchen Crawling All Over Pretzel
Why You Should Continue Your Pest Control in Winter

When the weather gets colder, many people think they no longer have to worry about pest control. However, pest control in the winter is just as important as it during the warmer months. Pests look for comfortable places to live during the winter months, and there are plenty of places inside and outside your home […]

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Brown Stink Bug on a White Background
Common Winter Pest Concerns in North Georgia

No matter where you live in northern Georgia – Acworth, Marietta, Kennesaw or anywhere in between – cold weather doesn’t mean the end of pesky bugs and critter infestations. As a matter of fact, it can be just the beginning. While the summers can be sweltering, the frosty winters can leave everyone and everything shivering […]

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Brown Squirrel Sitting On Wooden Fence
Rodents: The ultimate “Terrible Tenant!”

It’s that time of year again! The cool nights of winter have your attic and wall voids looking mighty nice for a “long winters nap” for mice, roof rats, norway rats and squirrels! Who wants their shenanigans keeping you up at all hours of the night? With a few preventative measures, you can attempt to […]

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