Common Winter Pest Concerns in North Georgia

Brown Stink Bug on a White Background

No matter where you live in northern Georgia – Acworth, Marietta, Kennesaw or anywhere in between – cold weather doesn’t mean the end of pesky bugs and critter infestations. As a matter of fact, it can be just the beginning.

While the summers can be sweltering, the frosty winters can leave everyone and everything shivering and looking for a place to warm up — including pests and rodents. Most often, your home serves as prime real estate for the following common winter pests in North Georgia.

Stink Bugs

The most common type of stink bug you’ll encounter here in Northern Georgia is the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug. With a shield like appearance, this stink bug has been invading homes throughout the United States since 2001. Native to Asia, this particular type of stink bug does have one thing going for it: it does not spread disease.

Boxelder Bug

If you have seen a bug that sports Spider man’s colors around your home, you’ve seen a Boxelder. Like their cousin the stink bug, the Boxelder emits a pungent odor when it is handled. Be careful around these bugs. They have been known to bite humans and can leave your skin red and irritated.

Southern Yellow Jackets

If you live anywhere in Northern Georgia (or anywhere in the southern United States for that matter) you’ve probably come into contact with a yellow jacket, also known as a paper wasp. These flying pests set up house on the ground in the spring and summer and like nothing more than to keep warm inside your home during the winter. In many instances, you can even see yellow jackets foraging in late December.

Roaches, Ants, Rodents, and Squirrels

Rounding out the list of the most common winter pests in North Georgia are the usual suspects — roaches, ants, and rodents. Just as we love our heat in the winter and cold air in the summer, so do the uninvited guests of cockroaches, ants and rodents.

Roaches and ants do not hibernate when the temperature plummets outdoors. Instead, they seek out the warmth of your home. These pests are also attracted to food supplies and water. The easiest way to prevent an infestation by these pests is to keep your home clean and food products out of their reach.

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