Protect Your Home from an Ant Infestation After Heavy Rain

Ants in Home on Food

It happens to everyone. You’ve probably noticed an influx of ants in your home after it rains, and you’re not alone. This can happen with all kinds of ants at any time of year. The good news? We’re here to help! Don’t feel like a prisoner to pests in your own home. Learn how Healthy Home can serve you if you experience an ant infestation.

Here’s Why it Happens

Ants in your home does not mean your space isn’t clean enough, windows have been left open, or that any mistake was made on your part. The simple truth is that ants are resourceful and instinctive. Like any living thing, they are driven to find shelter when they feel threatened. Their nests are often shallow and as soon as the rain hits, their home is destroyed. That’s when they begin searching for higher and drier ground: your home.

The ants leave a scent as they trail inside so that they can eventually find their way back to the site of their nest. Fire ants, in particular, enjoy re-building a nest using damp ground, which is why you may notice large mounds developed in your yard after a hard rain. These are the ones you especially want to look out for. Just because they may no longer be inside your home doesn’t mean they are no longer a threat.

How Can it be Prevented?

There are a few routine year-round precautions you can take to lessen the risk of an ant infestation. First, take an interior and exterior tour of your home twice a year and caulk any window and door frames that may have cracks. Do the same for any cracks that may be in the foundation of your home. Remove any vegetation outside that is close or even touching your home. You may also want to remove any wood debris near your home as it attracts ants as well.

Beyond outdoor maintenance, you’ll also want to ensure you’re doing things like maintaining trash disposal and general home upkeep. Keep food tightly shut no matter where it’s stored. When sweeping, especially in the kitchen, make sure you don’t miss the corners and outdoor-facing walls. Even the smallest crumbs could entice ants to find a way inside. When it rains, be sure all windows and doors are tightly shut. If you really struggle with ants in the rain, consider putting old towels down by the entrance of windows and doors when precipitation begins to fall.

Let Healthy Home Help!

If ant infestation is something you struggle with when it rains (or anytime!), we are glad to help. Since ants are skilled at identifying pest control chemicals, we use a special type that ants can’t recognize to protect the perimeter of your home. Our technicians will then evaluate your home and leave you with tips on furthering your ant protection even more. Give us a call at 770-505-9040 or fill out our online form to get started!