Termites: They’re Swarming and They Are Not Bees!

Group of termites eating wood

Warm weather is upon us and with that, so are termite swarms. These winged insects can often be seen bursting from the ground or boiling from stumps by the hundreds. If you do not have your house protected those swarms could potentially be flowing from your window sills or hard wood floors! Securing the integrity of what is often your most valuable investment is a must.

What Do Winged Termites Mean?

The winged termites we are referring to represent the reproductive caste of a healthy termite colony. If you have them in your house you can probably guess what that means; you have the rest of the colony wreaking havoc. Termites cause millions of dollars in damage annually. And most alarming, the majority of that damage is done behind your walls. They don’t even have the decency to let you know they’re in town! One day you’re vacuuming the area rug without a worry in the world, you gently bump a baseboard while attempting to snag that last dust bunny that is clinging to the corner and the board crumbles right before your eyes. That baseboard is often the doorway to the real issue.

No construction is immune to termites and the damage that they cause. Termites can enter around the perimeter of all structures. Slab constructions will have plumbing entries through the concrete and are notorious for forming settlement cracks. Basement houses often have issues found in the interior walls of the garage where the termites have capitalized on the seam between the concrete slab forming the garage floor and the concrete walls of the foundation. Houses are commonly built atop hollow block crawlspaces. Those hollow voids within the blocks give termites a direct highway to the buffet of your floor joists and wall studs. There has to be a barrier in place to stop these attacks.

What Can You Do If You Have A Termite Infestation?

How can you keep the roof over your head you may ask? It’s as simple as inviting Healthy Home over to install a liquid termite barrier. We can prepare your home for the assault it is sure to endure from the relentless wrath of termites. We apply an impenetrable barrier that will provide 10 years of uncompromising protection. We are so confident in the service, we place your home under a $1 million repair warranty in the event termites do cause damage. Contact Healthy Home today and have your house taken off the menu.