Top 5 Ways to Prepare Your Georgia Home for Fall Pests

Protect Home From Fall Pests

As the temperature drops and the leaves begin to fall, pests make their way inside to find warmer, drier shelter. To keep your home from unwanted pests and the damage they leave behind, follow these simple tips and tricks from the pest experts from Health Home Termite and Pest Control.

Inspect Your Home for Cracks, Holes, and Crevices

Once the evening temperatures begin to drop, that’s a sign to pests to find warmer living quarters. It’s also a sign to homeowners to do an inspection of the exterior of their home. Pests and critters can easily find their way into the smallest cracks and crevices, some no larger than a dime. When you inspect your home’s exterior, look for crawl spaces and areas at the base of your home and seals of your doors and windows that might leave room for unwanted creatures to enter your home. If you find openings, seal those areas up and place pieces of steel wool in holes before sealing to discourage animals from reopening a familiar entryway.

Keep Areas Dry and Clear

Often in the fall, especially in Georgia’s tree-filled environment, leaves can pile up quickly around the exterior of your home. This invites creatures and insects to take shelter in the piles of leaves near your home, especially when those piles get wet. By removing any excess water from around your home and yard debris (leaves, sticks, etc.), you’re more likely to keep pests away as well. Reroute any drainage that pools up around the base of your home and clean out your gutters to prevent leaf and water buildup.

Repair Weather Stripping and Mortar

Worn out weather stripping is a quick way for bugs and pests to find their way into your home. Check your windows and doors for any cracking or crumbling stripping and replace any that needs repair. Also, take a look at any mortar around your chimney or foundation and repair any that might need it.

Clean Up All Food

Even the smallest traces of food can be a feast for some pests. A good rule of thumb is to make sure all food is away, dishes are cleared, and trash is sealed before going to bed or leaving the house. For pet owners, putting away animal food bowls after they’re finished eating can help discourage pests and rodents from snacking on leftover kibble. Also, make sure your pantry boxes and bags are properly sealed.

Schedule an Inspection with Georgia’s Experts: Healthy Home Termite & Pest Control

One of the best ways you can prevent pests and rodents from making your home their home this fall is to call in the pest experts at Healthy Home. Our professionals will inspect your home, look for signs of unwanted guests, and help you prepare and seal your home. Call us at 770-505-9040 or schedule an inspection online.