Just as letting strangers into your home is a dangerous idea, so is letting in wildlife. Though you probably don’t intentionally allow these woodland creatures in, many times they come in without you noticing until it’s too late.

Healthy Home Termite & Pest Control, Inc. is here to help with proven effective and humane ways for wildlife control and removal.

The whole process begins with detection. Many families don’t realize there is an infestation until there is physical damage. The signs can be different for different pests, but once you’ve realized the problem and made the call, Healthy Home can begin the removal process.

Wildlife Control Inspection

Determining where the wildlife has entered your home is half the battle. Some of their favorite spots — regardless of the species — include the attic, crawlspace, basement, roofline, foundation, attic vents, and builder’s gap. Any gap ½ inch or larger is a potential space for wildlife to enter.

The builder’s gap – located just below the edge of your shingles and above your gutters – is the most likely entry point for pests.

Wildlife Exclusion

Once all of this is completed, the process of “exclusion” can begin. Exclusion is the act of sealing up any gaps that we might find in your roof, foundation, vents, etc. We do this with the most durable products available — metals.

Healthy Home uses custom-sized metal flashing to permanently seal entry points. After your home is sealed, a one-way door is installed to ensure that all animals in the house can get out, but not back in. The door is removed once all the animals have left and your home is placed under a 7-Year Guarantee.

Contact the Wildlife Removal Experts

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