3 Pest Control Myths

Beautiful Home with a Lush Green Yard & Colorful Floral Landscaping including Flowers, Ferns & Bushes

Here is a shocking revelation. Not everything you hear is true! And that doesn’t matter if the source was the internet or your great-great-grandmother! Let’s go through a few myths we typically encounter with pest control.

I Don’t Really Need Pest Control Because I Don’t Have Any Trees Around My House

While not having overhanging branches and leaf-choked gutters is definitely a positive, there are literally hundreds of insects that call your yard’s grass, mulch, and shrubbery home! There is no way for your landscaping (or lack thereof) to make your home pest proof.

Don’t believe me? Go rake back a handful of that pinestraw surrounding those beautiful boxwood shrubs and watch closely. Having a preventative pest control service is your best line of defense.

I Only Need Pest Control During The Summer – It’s Too Cold Otherwise

Sorry, but here in the great state of Georgia, we don’t see extended cold temperatures sufficient enough to send insects packing for the season. As a matter of fact, sometimes, we don’t see enough cold weather to knock out the mosquitoes!

It’s very important to keep a continual pest control barrier around your home to ensure you will not have pest issues 12 months out of the year.

I Keep A Very Clean House, So I Don’t Have Any Pests

Wrong again. While an untidy house may facilitate a pest infestation, clean houses have pests too! Pests venture into homes for many reasons or for no reason at all. The light that peeks through your window shades at night can be an attractant or the small change in temperature from around the door frame.

How about the moisture trapped beneath the front door mat after a rainy day? Pests will call that home and slip inside at the next available opportunity. Just because you’re a great housekeeper doesn’t make your home resistant to pests.

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These are just a few of many myths that surround pest control. There are so many advantages to a quality pest service. Invite Healthy Home Termite and Pest Control into your home and allow us to help eliminate the headaches pests can cause.

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