Kissing bugs have recently invaded Georgia and carry diseases that you need to protect your family from. If you have noticed kissing bugs in and your home, contact Healthy Home Termite and Pest Control for kissing bug extermination. Learn how to identify kissing bugs, the diseases they carry, and how to find the right solution for extermination.

How to Identify Kissing Bugs in Georgia

Kissing bugs are small bugs that are 14 mm to 24 mm long. They are dark colored, usually brown or black, while some species have red, yellow or tan markings on the abdomen. You’ll be able to identify a kissing bug by their cone-shaped heads.

How do Kissing Bugs Get Inside My Home?

Kissing bugs are attracted by the bright porch and doorway lighting, which can lure them into your home. They are also attracted to pets, so your outdoor cat or dog may bring bugs inside. Small gaps and openings around your home like exposed cracks and crawl spaces can also allow kissing bugs to enter through your home.

These bugs can cause bites with mild pain and redness and often feed at night. A small percentage of people have an allergic reaction to the saliva of bugs, which can cause itching, swelling and other allergic symptoms.

Do Kissing Bugs Carry Diseases?

The biggest concerns with Kissing Bugs, also known as conenose bugs, are that they can carry the protozoa Trypanosoma cruzi, also called Chagas disease, through its feces. If a person rubs the feces into a break in the skin, he or she could become infected. Something as simple as scratching the insect bite can introduce the feces into the body.

Kissing Bug Removal

Kissing bugs can be very difficult to remove and signs of an infestation can be difficult as they are not likely to be seen in the open during the day. While it’s always important to prevent kissing bug infestations by caulking around holes and openings in your home, changing porch lights to specific bug lights, and closing doors tightly, getting rid of kissing bugs for good is a job for your local pest control professional.

Contact Healthy Home for Kissing Bug Control and Removal

If you think you need kissing bug exterminator services, contact the experts at Healthy Home Termite and Pest Control. With years of experience, we’ll make sure your kissing bug problem is eliminated for good. We proudly service the greater Atlanta area including Dallas, Alpharetta, Roswell, Cartersville and the surrounding areas. If you believe you have a kissing bug problem at your home, get in touch with us today by calling (770) 505-9040 or completing our online contact form.