If you are looking to invest in new commercial or personal real estate, don’t sign any dotted lines without a proper inspection. You could get stuck with property infested with pests or damaged by termite invasions. At Healthy Home Termite & Pest Control, we will thoroughly inspect any property to evaluate current or potential pest issues. Our certified technicians know all the signs, and we can protect your property from any infiltration.

Fill out an online contact form to schedule a time for an initial consultation. We will examine your real estate or commercial investment for pest issues and make sure you buy a reliable property. Learn more about what we can do for you.

Termite Services in Atlanta

Termites are the number one pest issue in the United States. These insects cause billions of dollars in damage every year. Termites multiply quickly, operate covertly, and feast on the precious wooden structures of your home. Worst of all, the longer they go undetected, the quicker they multiply and the quicker they add up property damage costs.

You may start to see warning signs like discarded swarmer wings or mud tubes on your property. Inspect potential real estate by knocking on wooden beams. If they sound hollow, a termite infestation is a likely culprit.

Contact Healthy Home Termite & Pest Control for an immediate and effective solution to any termite invasion. Certified technicians will treat the property for termites and eliminate any colony on site. Once we treat your home with Termidor, we offer a Damage Repair Guarantee. After treatment, if termites cause anymore damage, we will pay for those damages and treat your property again for free until the job is done.

Wildlife Control Services

Take time before you make any major investment and schedule a professional inspection of your potential real estate investment. Who knows what could already be living in that “vacant” property?

Wildlife critters like rodents and possums can find new homes in attics and dens. Squirrels and rats love to chew things. They will quickly chew through electrical wiring and plumbing which can cause fires and flooding. The feces and urine that contaminate your insulation also harbors harmful pathogens.

Openings in attics and gaps in the foundation can easily invite pests into your home. The most common access points are builders’ gaps. This is the gap that runs behind your gutters and just under the drip edge of your shingles. We have specialized equipment to make custom sized metal flashing to tightly seal up this entry point.

We can effectively seal up entries and use eco-friendly tactics so your property is protected. Pests won’t live rent free any longer. We will evict them for good!

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