Pests aren’t just annoying, they can cost you money and customers. Regardless of the industry you’re in—hospitality, government, healthcare, real estate, etc.—you can run into issues with pests of all kinds. Luckily, you have Healthy Home Termite & Pest Control on your side.

Pests can disrupt production, result in lower health inspection scores, cause electrical issues, put people’s health at risk, and demoralize employees. Stopping current infestations and preventing future ones is in everyone’s best interest, especially your bottom line.

Common Sources of Commercial Pest Infestation

Pests—insects and rodents alike—look for two things when the venture inside a business: food and shelter. Infestations can become common in buildings if dropped or spilled food isn’t cleaned up, or even if it isn’t stored properly.

Cracks in the foundation, gaps below doors, and spaces in ventilation shafts are all ways for pests to get in. Every living thing needs water to survive, and many pests use it to breed. Standing water in puddles or unused mop buckets can draw insects like mosquitoes and cockroaches to use as a breeding ground.

During our inspections, Healthy Home will identify the source that drew your pests in, remove it, and then seal off any potential entry points so they won’t come back.

Risks of Commercial Pest Infestation

Different pests pose different risks to businesses and the people that work and shop in them. Here are just a few of the hazards of different types of infestations:

Wildlife Infestation

Wildlife like squirrels, rats, and mice like to chew, and they’ll chew through pretty much anything, including electrical wires. Frayed wires can spark and cause fires easily, especially if a rodent has built a nest nearby, as nest sites tend to be built out of dry, flammable material.

Rodents also are known to carry fleas and ticks, both of which are known carriers of disease. Squirrel, mouse, and rat infestations can mean that the risk of you, your employees, and your customers contracting distemper and Lyme Disease is greatly increased.

Insect Infestation

Different insects create different problems. Termites can cause structural issues if left unchecked for long enough, while wasps and bees pose a more immediate threat to safety, especially if anyone in the area is allergic to their stings. For more detailed information on the risks different insects pose, head to our pest control page.

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