Are Termites Active in the Winter?

Termites On Damaged Wood

You may be surprised to hear that termites are active not just in the warmer months, but all year round! However, although termites remain active all year, winter brings some changes in their daily routines. It’s important to take steps year-round to protect your home from active termites and avoid the damage that they can bring. Fortunately, the team at Healthy Home Termite and Pest Control can help. Read on to learn more about termite’s behavior in winter and what you can do to put an end to termite damage.

How do Termites Act in Winter?

While termites prefer 75-degree weather, they will still survive during winter and remain active. During winter, termites typically move deeper into the ground to access warmth they need to survive. They may build tunnels in the soil that allow them to access food sources when temperatures drop low. Termites are also cold-blooded creatures, so they will slow down when temperatures drop. If temperatures drop low enough, they will retreat to their colony and wait for the ground to warm up.

Finding Termites in your Home During Winter

Although termites are typically more active in the winter, finding termites in the winter time is possible. Certain termites, like subterranean and drywood termites that have found shelter and food in your home’s foundation and walls will not be as affected by cold outdoor temperatures.

Termite Damage

Termites can cause significant damage to your home. In fact, termites cause over $5 billion in home damages every year. They tend to burrow in dark, moist spots and feed off wood in order to reproduce and thrive. This can cause serious damage structurally to your home. This can cause you thousands of dollars in damage.

If you have termites feeding on your home in winter, they will be subterranean termites that come up from the ground and live inside your walls. You may notice hard feces that look like grains of pepper on your windowsill and you may even hear them tunneling in your walls. You may hear a clicking sound if you place your ear close to where they are feeding and tunneling.

Getting Rid of Termites in the Winter

If you suspect termites are burrowing in your home during winter, Healthy Home Termite & Pest Control can help. Our team will examine your property for entry points of invasions and see if there are any pests currently hiding. We also diligently make sure that any potential termite hot zones are sealed to prevent any unwanted guests in your home.

To get rid of termites for good, we use Termidor – the most advanced termiticide on the market. This way, we can make sure your entire home is safe from termites. If you are interested in learning more about our termite control services in Atlanta, contact us at 770-505-9040 or fill out our online contact form to schedule an inspection.