Tips to Avoid Stinging Insects this Summer in Georgia

As Metro-Atlanta settles into summer, you are likely enjoying many outdoor activities like barbeques and pool parties. However, it’s important to know that the summer season coincides with the increased activity of stinging pests like bees, wasps, yellow jackets and more. Because these stinging pests can cause not only itchy and sometimes painful skin irritations, but also serious allergic reactions in some people, it’s vital to know how to best avoid them while spending more time outdoors.

In this blog article the experts at Healthy Home Pest Control share our top tips for avoiding stinging insects this summer in Georgia. If you’ve already had a noticeable increase in stinging pests on your property, be sure to give us a call at (770) 505-9040.

Do Not Wear Bright Colors or Sweet Fragrances

When you are outdoors this summer, whether enjoying an outdoor event or working in your yard, you will want to avoid wearing bright colors and sweet fragrances. Stinging insects, that may be foraging for food from flowers and plants, are attracted to sweet smelling perfume, shampoo, soap and sunscreen. The same goes for floral patterns or bright colors. Wearing muted colors and staying away from sweet scents will help you avoid stinging insects this summer.

Wear Closed Toed Shoes

Wearing closed toed shoes, especially in grassy areas and while you are gardening can help you to avoid stinging insects this summer. Some stinging insects will nest in grass and bushes and you will want to make sure your feet are covered.

Cover Food and Sweet Drinks

If there is any buzz about your outdoor picnic or gathering, you don’t want it to be from stinging insects! You’ll want to make sure that food is covered whenever possible. Sweet sodas and teas also attract stinging insects so you’ll want to cover those up as well.

Make Sure Trash Containers are Sealed Well

When your party or outdoor dinner on your patio is over, make sure that any garbage cans are well covered and sealed. Discarded trash can also attracts stinging pests, so you’ll want to double check that all your waste bins are tightly closed.

Seal Cracks and Crevices Around Your Home

While there is no way to completely avoid stinging insects outdoors this summer, you will want to take steps to prevent them from moving inside your home. Places like your chimney, or deck are likely places for wasps and other stinging insects to build your nest. You’ll want to inspect for any cracks and crevices, and take care to seal them, to prevent stinging insects from coming inside.

Keep Calm if You Encounter Stinging Insects

If you do encounter stinging insects while you are spending time outside this summer, you will want to stay as calm as possible to help avoid getting stung. Swatting at stinging pests can make them more likely to sting so the best thing to do is keep calm and still.

Contact Healthy Home Pest Control to Control Stinging Pests

Help your family, friends and guests avoid stinging insects this summer in Georgia by contacting Healthy Home Pest Control. If you notice an unusual amount of activity from wasps, bees, yellow jackets or other stinging pests, be sure to call us at 770-505-9040. Our team will investigate, determine the locations of any nests, and safeguard your family and home from stinging insects.