Most Common Ways Bugs Enter your Home

Ants Entering a Home

When you have bugs and pests enter your home, it can be incredibly frustrating. Bugs will often enter our homes looking for food sources or trying to find warmth. Healthy Home Termite & Pest Control recommends checking the following places to ensure that bugs can’t get into your home.

How Bugs Can Get Into your Home

Bugs in your home can pose serious problems. Check these common entry areas to ward off potential infestations and keep your home safe and healthy.

  1. Doors: If your doors aren’t properly sealed, it can be an inviting area for unwanted bugs. Make sure doors around your home are tightly sealed. You can check for areas that need to be sealed by feeling for air flow or looking for any light peeping through. Even the tiniest of cracks and openings can let bugs in.
  2. Dryer vents: Your dryer vents and exhaust vans are usually accessible to the exterior of your home, giving bugs a way to enter your home easily. Check all vents and exhaust fans from your dryer, bathroom and kitchen, to ensure they are in proper working order.
  3. Siding: It’s important to check your siding for any visible gaps. In many cases, bugs can get inside the gaps of your siding and create an infestation. Seal gaps with caulk to protect your home.
  4. Roof and Attic Spaces: Crawl spaces and open chimneys are a source of easy access for bugs. Inspect your crawl space and attic for entry points, and be sure to check your roof and chimney for openings that could invite bugs into your home.
  5. Windows: Insects and mice can sneak into the tiniest of cracks, looking for food and warmth. Use silicone caulk to seal holes around your windows.

Protect Your Metro Atlanta Home from Bugs

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