Expert Tips to Eliminate Mosquitoes After Rain in Georgia

Close up image of a mosquito biting human skin

When temperatures soar, we can be thankful for the cool weather following heavy rain. However, you can also expect mosquitoes and other pests to benefit from the rain just as much. Storms create the perfect conditions for mosquitoes to breed, making it important for you to keep a look out and follow some of these expert tips to keep mosquitoes in check year-round.

Look Out for Standing Water

The main thing to look out for following a storm as it relates to mosquitoes is standing water. Most mosquito species breed and lay their eggs in still water. After as little as 24 hours in the water, those eggs could be ready to hatch. A single female mosquito is capable of producing up to 500 eggs from a single brood, so preventing them from finding a place to lay their eggs can make a big impact in keeping your home mosquito free. After a storm, walk your property and look for any places where water is pooling and remaining stagnant, such as any buckets, trash cans, or other receptacles where water could remain, and disturb or pour out the water where you can.

Thoroughly Clean Your House’s Gutters

Your gutters are another area where mosquitoes can reproduce. After particularly heavy storms, you can expect leaves, branches, and other detritus to clog your gutters, trapping moisture and preventing them from draining properly. Once it is safe to do so, inspect your gutters for damage and clear them of any blockage. Just like clearing any standing water sources on your property, this can make a big impact on the mosquitoes’ ability to reproduce on your property.

Keep Windows and Doors Closed

Inevitably, there will be a bump in the mosquito population following a storm. To keep that population from becoming stable and simultaneously keep them out of the house and out of mind, it is a good idea to keep your windows and doors closed as much as possible following a storm. If mosquitoes get inside the house, its possible that they could begin reproducing inside, and they’ll definitely be a nuisance. Keeping your windows closed for a couple days following a storm will keep mosquitoes away and deny them access to your home just a bit more.

Schedule an Inspection and Treatment with Healthy Home Termite and Pest Control

Concerned about the possibility of a mosquito problem on your property? Questions about the conditions mosquitoes thrive in the most? Contact our team today, and we can answer your questions right away. We can even schedule a time for an inspection to see if your home is at risk for serious mosquito problems in the wake of a storm. Our pest control experts take everything into account to give you an accurate picture of your situation. After the inspection, we’ll work with you to come up with a plan to keep your home safe and pest free.