How to Have a Mosquito Free Summer

Family enjoying time outside without mosquitos. Contact Healthy Home for mosquito control in Atlanta.

Summer is the memory-making season, full of long days at the pool, barbeques, picnics, and get-togethers with loved ones. Protect your summer memories from the one thing that can quickly ruin a sun-filled day outside: mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are the nemesis of easy-breezy summer days and we’re here to make sure you preserve every drop of summer you can get! Check out the top five ways to create a mosquito-free summer from the pest control experts at Healthy Home Termite & Pest Control.

Beware of Pooling Water

Water invites mosquitoes to your yard. Some species lay their eggs in water while others lay their eggs and water helps them hatch. Either way, aim to remove all standing water sources in your yard during the summer. Not only will it help the health of your yard and plants, but it will also significantly reduce the mosquito population around your home, making your next barbeque much more inviting. To do this, eliminate yard ornaments like bird baths, any buckets with collected rainwater, clogged rain gutters, and bring in a team to help create yard drainage solutions if you find that water that pools in areas of your yard during rainy days.

Install Outdoor Fans

Not only will your guests thank you for keeping the summer heat at bay, but you’ll also sneakily be keeping flying pests away at the same time. The gusts of constantly blowing fans can help keep mosquitoes far away from your summer party. Even if you don’t want to install permanent fans, store a few box fans in your basement, garage, or attic for the days you have friends and family over to your house and move them to the most ideal spots to help keep mosquitoes away from guests and flies away from your food.

Diffuse Essential Oils

While the efficacy of essential oils against mosquitoes is debated, there are certain scents mosquitoes are known to avoid. Place a few diffusers around your outdoor space and fill them with lemon eucalyptus, citronella, or tea tree oil to keep mosquitoes at bay in the area and keep your party smelling fresh at the same time. Treat your guests to complimentary insect repellant sprays at all of the entrance and seating areas around your party. For best protection, include a repellant that has DEET.

Wear Light Colors

Mosquitoes tend to be drawn to darker colors, so lean toward white, creams, and tans when choosing your next all-day summer outfit. Linens and silks, ideal summer fabrics because of their breathability, tend to be sold in lighter colors, so grab one of these for your next summer outing.

Treat Your Yard with Mosquito Control from Healthy Home Termite & Pest Control

No one wants to enjoy their summer memories covered in mosquito bites or swatting at pests around the grill. The pest control experts at Healthy Home are here to help you get control of your Atlanta yard and say sayonara to mosquitoes for good! Give us a call at 770-505-9040 and ask us how to get a mosquito-free summer today.