Keep Ants Out of the Kitchen With Tips From Our Experts

Ant on a kitchen surface

If you’ve experienced an ant problem, you know it can feel like your kitchen is ant territory, not your own. Even with the most meticulous cleaning, these unwanted pests are great at scouting out opportunities for their next meal. And, with the communication networks ants have, a single ant is most likely followed by a small army of its friends. So, how do you get back control of your kitchen? Try these simple tips from the experts at Healthy Home Termite and Pest Control in Atlanta.

Deep Clean Your Kitchen

Whether you hire a cleaning crew to come out or you spend a Saturday making it happen, a good deep clean of your kitchen is important to keep ants away. Food waste can get into the crevices of your kitchen even if you clean regularly. Just think about the last time you used powdered sugar or flour in your mixer or cooked with oil on your stovetop. Those little splashes and powdered food stuffs can find their way into the corners of your kitchen, around the baseboards, and even in your drawers. That’s why a deep clean of your kitchen is vital to keeping ants out. You’d be surprised at what those little pests consider food, dining off even the most miniscule crumb. Don’t miss the less-than-visible areas like behind the oven, under the fridge, and around the baseboards.

Fix Leaky Faucets or Plumbing

Did you know that food isn’t the only draw for ants? Water is also a strong invitation to enter your home, especially in the summer when it’s dryer outdoors than usual. Check your sink pipes, water lines running to your dishwasher, and even the water line leading to your ice machine or water filter for your fridge for any leaks. Replace the lines or patch any holes where needed. This will also help keep moisture out of your food stuffs.

Use Airtight Containers

It’s hard to smell food if it’s in airtight containers. For dry goods kept in your pantry or cabinets, consider putting these in airtight containers, especially if you continue to reuse them over a longer period of time (think cereals, flour, sugar, coffee, etc.). It will keep your food fresher and the bugs out. Just remember to add a label for expiration dates. This is also important for your furry friends! If you have pets, make sure their food is kept in airtight containers and put away their food when it’s not being eaten. If you have a pet that grazes throughout the day, just tuck their food away in the container when you leave the house and when you go to bed to discourage ants and other pests from using Fido’s food to feed their friends.

Locate the Source and Observe Patterns

There are many different types of ant species, but certain types of ants will leave “tracks” for other ants to follow. If you observe ants coming into your kitchen, before you whip out the ant spray and go to town, observe the ants’ movement. Oftentimes, the scout ants will leave tracks for the other ants to follow when they find a good food source. If you look closely, you might see lines of ants coming in and leaving from the same track, often in a small space in your window or a door jamb. When you see these, spray the area with lemon oils, which can erase the scent of the tracks left by the scout ant. Make note of these areas, as this will help the pest control experts know where to focus their attention.

Call in the Atlanta Experts at Healthy Home Termite and Pest Control

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