Mosquitoes: A REAL Problem

Child itching a mosquito bite in Georgia

The flowers are blooming, the grasses are turning green and the birds are singing a beautiful chorus throughout the lengthening days. Springtime is a wonderful season. But with the warmer temperatures comes a threat that should not be ignored. Mosquitoes are here.

Mosquitoes – The Problem That Cannot Be Ignored

Why should you not ignore mosquitoes? There is a very simple fact that solidifies their impact on our lives. The fact that mosquitoes are still the number 1 killer of humans. It’s seldom mentioned on the front page of your newspaper. But it’s true. Through the transmission of parasites (malaria) or by acting as a vector for many viruses (Zika, encephalitis) mosquitoes are down right deadly. Now that you have been floored the with the nasty facts, how about the more obvious impact they have our daily lives? Who could stand for the aggravating bites and annoying buzzing in your ears? Plain and simple, mosquitoes are terrible. But don’t cancel the spring barbecue just yet! Healthy Home can help you take that yard back from the flying nuisances!

Mosquito Treatments: What to Expect and How They Work

We start from ground up and keep the pests away. Starting with a thorough inspection, we find and discard all standing water sources that could act as an area for mosquitoes to leave their eggs. These water sources are often harder to find than most may think. For example, one area that is frequently over looked is the gutter downspouts. It takes a cap full of water for mosquitoes to capitalize on. If that is present at any seam of the gutter output, you have mosquitoes. Drains that may route water away from the house or patio will often have small amounts of water remaining days after a spring shower. Mosquitoes love it. When you have water that can’t be discarded, the granulates we apply will make it impossible for mosquitoes to use while being completely safe for any wildlife or pets.

The liquid application follows and consists of three parts. One part eliminates the mosquitoes upon contact and shows you a quick knockdown. The second part is a residual insecticide that will withstand the elements for a month to keep the mosquitoes from returning. The last part of the solution is an insect growth regulator. This concentrate interrupts the life cycle of those mosquitoes it comes in contact with. The more we interrupt that life cycle the fewer mosquitoes you will be swatting at come time for that barbecue.

If you want to enjoy your yard as the season’s warm temperatures become consistent give Healthy Home a call. We have the solution.