Does Your Outdoor Décor Attract Pests?


Summer is here which means it’s time to decorate your yard in preparations for backyard BBQs and fun outdoor shenanigans. You and your guests may enjoy these decorative items, but they can unfortunately bring unwelcomed guests to crash the party. As the Georgia summer heats up, pests are the most active and ready to become your biggest nuisance.

So, what outdoor decorations attract these pests exactly? Healthy Home Termite & Pest Control can answer this question and put an end to these annoying pests.

What Outdoor Decorations Entice Pests?

Creepy-crawlers need the same things to survive: food, water, and shelter. Many don’t realize that outdoor décor can provide these components to bugs and wild animals.

If you discover a large number of uninvited guests in your yard, it may be time to limit these decorative items:

    • Bird baths – it may be a nice feature for the birds, but any standing water can be major breeding spots for mosquitos.
    • Fragrant candles and flowers – wasps are very attracted to sweet smelling things, so we advise to limit these items outdoors.
    • Patio furniture – rodents love to create cozy homes underneath furniture cushions or anywhere with an enclosed covering over their head. Bonus incentives such as food crumbs can attract them even more.
    • Patio lamps – many different bugs are attracted to light bulbs that emit bright rays.

How Do I Keep Pests Away?

Once you call the team at Healthy Home to remove these pests, the next step is to keep them away. There are some necessary precautions you can take to keep pests at a distance while still enjoying your outdoor décor.

Cleaning around cushions and grill pits to ensure no food crumbs linger will help to not lure insects or rodents. Also ensuring there is no leftover food outside and wiping down the patio table frequently will certainly reduce the number of pests. To decrease other bugs, try installing security lighting farther from the home with special bulbs that emit less attractive rays. Also removing any sources of stagnant water will increase your chances of limiting mosquitos.

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