Pest Control: Do It Yourself vs. Professional

Female Homeowner Watching As Pest Control Technician Applies Pesticide Along the Kitchen Floor

Let’s face it – sometimes it’s better to put on your gloves and handle business yourself! Find the rake, and wrestle the leaves. Grab your knee pads, and get to ripping the weeds from the flower garden. Put the suds in the bucket, and drag the water hose out front to give your car a much-needed bath.

These are all things we can tackle on our own. However, one thing you should not attempt yourself is your pest control service. I’ll explain why.

Benefits of Professional Pest Control

We Can Spot & Eliminate Outdoor Pests Before They Infest Your Home

There are many advantages to having a pest professional visit with regularity. With each visit, you’re receiving a full house inspection. After all, prevention is the best medicine- right? Often we can find pest harborage adjacent to your home and eliminate the threat before it finds its way inside.

For example, ants are notorious for using areas such as downspouts or underneath flower pots to establish large colonies. The colonies would most certainly find their way indoors in due time.

By exterminating the colony before they become an interior issue, we have saved you a big headache! Because who likes emptying their pantry for fun? Similar harborages exist for all other pests, and we are sure to note and eliminate them with each service. Without the eye of an experienced pest professional, these harborages are easily over looked.

We’ve Got Access to the Most Effective Pesticides & Know How to Safely & Accurately Use Them

A common misconception is that pest control professionals have the “magic sauce” to deal with your bug problems. While we do have access to insecticides that may not be easy to obtain for the consumer, often it’s the application methods that are the difference maker.

You could be handed the best products available but without the knowledge of why, where and how to apply the products, the results will be marginal at best. Pesticide application methods are just as important as the products themselves. Also, improper application can be dangerous!

And since I have already mentioned it, we do have the “magic sauce!” It’s not possible as a consumer to have a vast array of insecticides at your disposal. It is for a pest management professional because it’s what we do! We have the most effective pesticides for your specific pest problems.

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So please, mow the lawn and wash the car. But for your own piece of mind and a truly bug-free home, leave the pest control to the professionals!

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