What Does Winter Weather Mean for Pests in Acworth, GA?

Female Homeowner Watching As Pest Control Technician Applies Pesticide Along the Kitchen Floor

You may not realize it, but different climates and temperatures can affect pests differently. While some pests hibernate in the winter and are active in the summer, others are active all year. Some insects even spend long winter months seeking shelter and food in your home! If you’re wondering how winter weather and the cooler temperatures affect pests and insects in the Atlanta metro area, find out from Healthy Home Termite & Pest Control.

Mice Seek Shelter in Winter

When the weather turns cold, house mice will seek shelter, usually in dark, secluded areas like attics and basements. This rodent can cause serious property damage by chewing through drywall and wires that could potentially spark and electrical fire. House mice are known to contaminate food and spread diseases.
To prevent house mice from entering your home, seal cracks and holes, and keep areas clear and store boxes off the floor.

Cockroaches and Winter Weather

German cockroaches are the most common species of cockroach found throughout the world. German cockroaches prefer to live in small areas close to food and moisture. Human homes make the perfect habitat for cockroaches, especially when the winter weather hits. Cockroaches are known to trigger allergies, spread bacteria, and contaminate food sources.
To keep cockroaches at bay in your Georgia home, keep counters and floors clean of scraps and crumbs, vacuum frequently, and look for signs of cockroach infestations like wing shells.

How Do Raccoons Act in Winter Weather?

Raccoons are commonly found in the wooded, Eastern portions of the country. During the winter weather, they may seek shelter in your home, usually through an attic or chimney.
To keep raccoons out of your home, be sure to store trashcans and recycling bins in a sealed bin with an animal-proof lid. Check all access points outside of your home and repair any loose siding or shingles to keep raccoons out. Install a chimney cap to prevent entry as well.

Do Cold Georgia Winters Kill Insects?

All insects have the ability to withstand cold weather. They will either bury themselves underground, hibernate for the season, and burrow under tree bark for protection. When temperatures drop well below 0 degrees F, many individual insects die. However, if they are hibernating in a warm area, like underground or in your home, they can survive some of the deepest freezes.

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