Common Pests in Atlanta and North Georgia – Why me?


If you’re a Georgia resident, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Southeast has a “bug issue.” Ants busily marching across the driveway or along the porch railings are often the norm in our area. The state’s warm, humid climate fosters many pests and in fact, allows them to thrive. It should also not come as a secret that these pests can also find there way into your home.

Some of these pests are nothing more than a nuisance while others can spread disease and transfer parasites. Avoid pest issues all together with help from Healthy Home. With a phone consultation or an inspection, we can help you stay ahead of any potential pest infestations.


Georgia is home to many different ant species. Many of these ant colonies can number in the millions! They can invade your home through numerous cracks and crevices. Nothing can be more aggravating than coming home to a pantry infested with ants who have overtaken the shelves of food you intended for your family.

Ants have also been responsible for causing motors to over heat in air conditioning units after building nests preventing ventilation. That is a very expensive repair! Not to mention, certain ants can also leave you with a painful bite.

German Cockroaches

German cockroaches are commonly encountered in Georgia. These indoor roaches are normally brought home from grocery stores in bags or boxes. They reproduce quicker than most all roach species. When an infestation occurs, you can find them in tight spaces and around electrical appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves and coffee pots. They also like to hang around door hinges on cabinets and electrical outlets.

German roaches are commonly the cause for food poisoning. They transfer diseases picked up on their legs and bodies onto food and food utensils. Infestations of German roaches have also proven to trigger allergic reactions due to the allergens present on their feces and skin casts.


An adult Norway rat weighs nearly a pound on average and roof rats often measure over 18-inches long. These pests can be of utmost concern. Tunneling around the exterior of your home or a chewed fascia board can go unnoticed, but the slender droppings found on your counter top or the destroyed fruit you left on the kitchen table seldom does.

Rats pose many threats. They are continuously chewing to file down their teeth. They will often gnaw electrical wiring causing fire hazards or copper pipes causing water leaks. They will ravage insulation in their attempt to nest.

All while acting as a host for many other parasites to infest your home and transmitting disease as they scurry across food or food prepping surfaces. The amount of urine and feces that will also build in their presence can often become quite the sanitation issue.

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